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  • Any term / s can be searched in the box in any field, to recover all BIESES and information anywhere in the same.

    Also one may use truncated, using the asterisk. Example: “15*” (for dates belonging to the sixteenth century), "Songbook *" (for a title that has incomplete), etc..

    Besides the names of the authors, titles of works and secondary sources, based on individual poems can be traced from its first verse, letters, legal documents, coeval mentions, studies, translations, etc..

    There is also the possibility of using any of the search terms included in the generic classification field "materials" or other.

    Under no circumstances should use diacritics in search boxes, because the result is always negative.

    For more restricted searches are advised to consult the "Recommendations to consult BIESES" offered in the database.


  • Note
    Do not use commas or diacritics in search.
    In case you have no ñ key, replace ?: ej. “Liaño” = “Lia?o”
  • Help us to improve the project
    If this project has been helpful, citándonos help us keep it active in their jobs: BIESES. Bibliography of Spanish writers, <>, [Date of consultation].
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